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01. Worldwide Sourcing

Global Sourcing

There is a finite supply of vintage and fine instruments crafted by expert makers.A diminishing supply coupled with a growing demand from emerging Countries like China has made sourcing these instruments a challenge. While global auction houses regularly auction vintage instruments, price and condition are not guaranteed to be appropriate for dealers to procure and resell. Auction houses are also located in mainstream cities like London and New York and does not give dealers located all across the nation to personally examine and procure.


Instrument condition and price is a significant consideration to procure and resell and instrument profitably. At the Willamette Trading Post we intend to guarantee this aspect by ensuring all instruments sold to dealers are authentic to the maker, in good to excellent condition and at the right price point to allow a dealer to make a comfortable profit.

We procure instruments from a variery of sources ranging from private individuals to off the radar estate sales across the Globe.All our instruments are vetted by a expert who confirms the authenticity of the maker. We publish instrument mailers through mail detailing every new arrival  to dealers with very accurate descriptions, photographs and condition reports as well as the dealer price and a retail estimate gained by research.

We also allow dealers to order instruments and pay post shipping and  examination.


A lively international market and finite supply. 

The market for rare and fine instruments is active and growing. In 2004, Orchestrated Investments, Inc. estimated the market capitalization for rare stringed instruments (150 years old by the top 270 makers) to be $12.3 billion; 100% of this market turns over every 30 years, making this market not only financially lush, but also relatively liquid.

Restricted supply and increasing demand from markets such as Russia, China and Korea have accelerated the gains for rare and fine instruments. Large institutional buyers have created more competition and increased demand.

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